Price list  - Scalp Micropigmentation 

Price list - Scalp Micropigmenattion (SMP) for man 

Women hair Loss Ludwig scale Type 1(small area ) - $1200

Women hair Loss Ludwig scale Type 2 (medium area)-$ 1900

Women hair Loss Ludwig scale Type 3 ( large area) - $ 2500

Adding density to Thin Hair - $1500

Mild Alopecia Areate - $ 3500

Follow up visit (4 weeks to 3 month) - $ 650

Folow up visit ( 3 month to 3 years)  $ 950

Scar Treatment Only - Book for consultation 

Norwood (Type 2-3 small area) ( hairline or crown only) - $1500

Norwood (Type 4-5 medium area) Standard Procedure- $ 2200

Norwood (Type 6-7 large area ) Standard Procedure - $ 2900

Mild Alopecia Areate - $ 3500

Follow up visit (4 weeks to 3 month) - $ 650

Folow up visit ( 3 month to 3 years)  - $ 950

Price list - Scalp Micropigmenattion (SMP) for women

Ludwig Scale Classification - women hair loss 

The Ludwig Scale uses 3 different classifications, or Types, to diagnose the severity of female hair loss. From left to right in the image below, these Types include Type I, Type II, and Type III:

The Norwood Scale Classification - man hair loss 

The Norwood Scale uses 7 different classifications or Types.

Type 1 . Minimal hair loss.

Type 2. Insignificant hair loss at the temples.

Type 3.The first stage that requires treatment .

Type 3 vertex. Receding hairline and thinning hair on the vertex.

Type 4 Bigger pattern on the vertex and hairline.

Type 5. Petterns at both sites are bigger but a thin division line is still present.

Type 6. The bridge is gone but several strands of short fine line may remain.

Type 7. The most severe form of hair loss. Little hair on the front or top of the head. 

Benefits from scalp micro-pigmentation : 

- Non surgical 

- Natural looking 

- No maintenance

- Fashionable hairstyle

- Cover bald spots

- Add density to thinning hair 

- Conceal hair transplant scars 

PROCESS split the procedure over two separate sessions, although the actual time can vary depending on the extent of your hair loss, the style you require, and other factors. The purpose of the clients first session is to lay a foundation of density, in preparation for the second session and  the second session is ‘where the magic happens’. This is true because you’re going to add much more density this time around, perhaps double or even triple the number of impressions. 

Some clients are finished after two sessions, although some will need a third follow up visit session after 4 weeks, and even a fourth in some cases.

During the treatments, micro needles are used to layer pigment dots on your scalp in a process that resembles getting a tattoo. SMP is a highly-technical, specialized process performed by trained technicians. The tiny dots of pigment, placed in the dermal layer of skin, create the illusion of a full head of shaved hair.

General Service Policy:

Please remember you cannot have a scalp micro-pigmentation or  permanent make-up procedure if you are:
• Under 18 years of age
• Pregnant/breastfeeding
• Hemophiliac
• Hepatitis C positive
• 5 weeks pre/post radiotherapy/chemotherapy treatment
• Using Antabuse/rooaccutane , warfarin or similar medication.

• Not suitable for those on Roaccutane for the last 6 months 
• Under the influence of drugs and alcohol
• Epileptic and have had a seizure within the last 2 years
• Not suitable if dermatitis or infection is in the area to be treated 
• Not suitable if keloid scars exist 

• Those with sensitive skin may wish to consider their suitability before purchase (patch test recommend)
• Must sign consent form prior to treatment
• Not suitable for those with open cuts or contagious skin complaint

• Not suitable for those with diabetes or those who have difficulty with wound healing

• Not suitable for those with autoimmune disease

Additionally, if you suffer with cold sores and have visible evidence of cold sores/blisters or skin disorders on the area to be treated you will need to rearrange your procedure for another time, when visible symptoms have subsided and you should use an anti-viral drug 3-5 days prior to any lip work and five days afterwards as well.

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