Eyelash extensions procedures


 Applied similar to traditional Mascara, Semi-Permanent Mascara is a revolutionary lash coating specially formulated to last   3     weeks often more.  Only a ½ hour treatment, Semi-Permanent Mascara will leave you with fuller, thicker, darker looking lashes.  Semi-Permanent Mascara is a     Salon-Only product available exclusively from trained Beauty Professionals & cannot be purchased for home use.

Semi-Permanent Mascara is suitable for use on upper/lower lashes and over Eyelash Extensions extending bond for another 1-2 weeks.  With a low cost per treatment, Semi-Permanent Mascara represents a significant return and good saving for any client.


3D Lash Extensions are a revolutionary technique in Eyelash Extensions.

Safe to the lash’s natural growth-cycle 3D Extensions provide amazing results and volume of traditional Eyelash Extensions. 3D Extensions are an innovative technique using our specially light lashes and adding multiple lashes to one natural lash to create depth and  volume .   

Trained Therapists can expect to complete a 3D-Lash Extension set in 1.5-2hours.



 -  Silicon Technology moulds to any Eye Shape

 - Enhances lashes lifting right from the root

 - Eliminates over curling during Treatment

 - Creates the illusion of lash lengthening

 - Easy to use lasting approx 10-12 weeks

 - Natural looking – Opens up the eyes

 - Used to straighten or curl eyelashes

 - Suitable for short and long lashes

 - Perfect results every time

Good results take two treatments - Lash Lift Eyelash Perming with Semi-Permanent Mascara.


Eyelash Extensions 

Victoria Extesions technician are the specialist in eyelash extensions, in Melbourne  ( Elsternwick) and surrounding suburbs. We’ve all seen celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Kristen Stewart fluttering their thick, luscious eyelashes on the red carpet. You too can look and feel glamourous with eyelash extensions from Victoria Lash Extensions.

So, if you’re in want amazing lashes, visit our Roksolana skin clinic on Elsternwick and talk to one of our eyelash technicians. Victoria Lash Extensions  also offers restorative lash services for damaged lashes, to help restore your lashes to their former glory. It’s a specialty of ours and we pride ourselves in the professionalism and care in reconstructing your eyelashes to a shape and style you are happy with.

Contact Victoria Lash Extensions technician  for more information on eyelash treatments and products or simply for an in- formal discussion around your expectations for eyelash extensions.

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Eyelash extension before and after

Eyelash Extensions in Roksalana Skin Clinic Elsternwick Melbourne 3185

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